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Y’know, I once tricked my sister into believing that Percy dies in Son of Neptune by drowning in mud… she’s still mad at me for that. 

It was funny, though.

And now, here’s another trio that’s come so far since we first met them. True, we’ve known Percy since Lightning Thief, but the fact that he quickly adopted Frank and Hazel as family fills my heart with glee. Seriously, I love that. And think of how far HE’S come since LT. The good and the bad. He’s grown up, he’s become a hero, save the world, been able to develop bitterness and now has to face those feelings and he’s on his way to adulthood. Percy’s almost a man, now and I now shall cry. 

Also, Frank and Hazel themselves. Frank’s a super-powerful, animorph, Son of Mars, and Hazel’s a freaking magic extraordinaire who earthbends… they’ve grown so much since they were Camp Jupiter’s awkward rejects. 

These three are definitely a zero-to-hero trio! 

5 days until we say goodbye to our zero-to-hero demigods!

Art by Golden-Flute also on Deviantart

The Coloquy of Monos and Una- Edgar Allen Poe

Μελλοντα ταυτα

Sophocles — Antig:

These things are in the future.

Una.  “Born again?”

Monos.  Yes, fairest and best beloved Una, “born again.” These were the words upon whose mystical meaning I had so long pondered, rejecting the explanations of the priesthood, until Death himself resolved for me the secret.

Una.  Death!

Monos.  How strangely, sweet Una, you echo my words! I observe, too, a vacillation in your step — a joyous inquietude in your eyes. You are confused and oppressed by the majestic novelty of the Life Eternal. Yes, it was of Death I spoke. And here how singularly sounds that word which of old was wont to bring terror to all hearts — throwing a mildew upon all pleasures!

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With less than a week left, I decided some last-minute reminiscing was in order. 

Holy Athena, these three have grown so much!!! Re-reading Lost Hero is 100x more awesome and 100x harder because you see just how far they’ve come. They grown together, they suffered together and now they’re going to finish this journey together. 

I feel the helicopter scene in Lost Hero is a really great example of their growth (especially for LH). It showed how strong Leo and Piper’s bond had grown and how much Piper and Leo had grown as individuals. Leo was becoming more rooted, less flighty, Piper was becoming stronger and more assured. They still had a long way to go from their, but they sure as hell had come a long way from the Wilderness School days. 

And in 6 days *sob* we’re gonna see them reach their journey’s end. 

Art by Golden-Flute and on Deviantart 


One week left! HolycrapIhavenoideahowtorespondmywholebrainiscrying…

One week until we find out if Gaea wakes up. 

One week until we find out if Leo gets Calypso off Ogygia,

One week until we find out if Nico and Reyna and Hedge get the Athena Parthenos to Camp Half-Blood.

One week until we find out if Coach Hedge is Hella Dad or Hella Dead. 

One week until we find out who lives and who dies. 

One week until it all comes to an end. 

Honestly, I don’t know how to cope, so I’m just gonna continue reading Fullmetal Alchemist, because as dark as that shiz can get, at least I know how it ends. 

7 days until we see our heroes of the last time in this series.

Art by Marion-draws

P.S. don’t be a shit and spoil things. 

8 days left!!!

And with only 8 days left, may as well celebrate with a fandom favorite. The underwater kiss.

I’m gonna be 100% honest here and fully admit that when I read that scene, I squealed like a five-year-old offered a giant stuffed teddy bear. Yeah, I was pretty excited that they’d FINALLY become a thing. And I still love reading that scene. It’s just so cute, so Percabeth, and it stands out in terms of Big Damn Kiss scenes. 

I’m just so glad that these two are together. Seriously, OTP up in here!!! Love ‘em.

And in 8 days, we’ll see Percabeth again (among many things)

Art by Minuiko

9 days left!!!

Did you notice I was afraid

I thought I’d run out of things to say

Two more hours until today burns this away

And it starts all over again

The sky will never look the same again,

Till you show me how it could be,

The sky will never look the same again,

Till you show me how it could be

And everything else is irrelevant

To the story so far

A coincidence that you look like her from afar

Is it true that you like to sleep alone

Or is it what you just tell everyone

-The Story So Far, New Found Glory

This is my last Jason/Piper pick for the countdown, so I thought I’d also include one of my favorite Jason/Piper songs with the piece. 

They’re just so cute. And I love how they have both a cute, soft, new-love element, as well as their own moments of depth. 

If you try to tell me Piper and Jason are just superficial, I will open my copy of Mark of Athena to the part with the Nympheum, yell the part where Piper, using her last bit of air, tells Jason she loves him, and then throw the book at you for good measure

They have deep moments. And even though they’re new at being in a relationship and don’t always know what to say to comfort each other, they consistently show one another that they’ve got each other’s backs. That they believe in one another and they know that the other is destined for greatness. They are each other’s biggest cheerleaders (please someone draw Piper kicking ass with sword, knife, and cornucopia and Jason dressed in a cheerleader outfit, rooting for her. I would be eternally grateful and able to die happy. 

Also, Jason took a brick from his own people to shield Piper *sobs* TRUE LOVE**

And in 9 days, we’ll see this adorkable duo cheer each other on.

Art by Anxiouspineapples

**I’m joking




this is probably my favorite joke from futurama tbh

I love Futurama but I don’t get this what’s the joke

The joke is that a bunch of conspiracy theories say aliens came and taught Egypt how to build pyramids (because they are ‘too impossible’ for humans to have built’) and it’s actually the Egyptians that taught aliens and advanced their culture.

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